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Program of the lectures of conference on Dynamical Systems and Geometric theories

برنامه سخنرانی های کنفرانس



11-12, DECEMBER 2016

(Mahani Mathematical Research Center, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran)

Program of the lectures of conference on Dynamical Systems and Geometric theories
(Zipped file, فایل فشرده شده)
(PDF1, PDF2, PDF3,  PDF4)

We invite all scientists and researchers who are working on dynamical systems and geometric theories to participate in this conference by presenting a 20 minutes talk in the conference. The deadline for abstract submission is 5th of November 2016.


Committee members:


 Asadollah Razavi

Akbar Nazari

Cristian Corda

Goverdhan Khadekar

Gregory L. Naber

Maryam Ehteshamzadeh

Megerdich Toomanian

Mohammad Ebrahimi

MohammadAli Taher

MohammadAli Yaghobi

MohammadReza Fadaei

MohammadReza Molaei (Chair of the conference)

Naser Hoseini

Nasrollah Gerami

Neda Ebrahimi

Nosratollah Shajareh

Tayebe Waezizadeh

Vahid Amirzadeh

Yosef Bahrampour

Method of submission: Please send the LaTex file of the abstract of your talk via e-mail to ( The sample LaTex file is here.

Registration and Registration fee:  The registration will be done automatically after acceptance of the abstract. The registration fee is one hundred dollars and it will be paid in the time of arrival.

Local Expenses:  One hundred fifty dollars for each night station in a reserved hotel. If you prefer another kind of hotel please inform us to reserve it for you.

لینک فارسی کنفرانس


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